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The Internet is a series of poems, connected both physically and thematically, that explores digression of thought. The (actual) Internet, its hypertext, its menus, its links have supported the aimless navigations which act in caricature of the human brain's unexpected associations of ideas. In trying to learn about specific words and terms, the resulting answers sometimes broaden, sometimes dampen the spectrum of connotations. Meandering searches divert to unfamiliar reframings and reflect back again on familiar territory. Words can fit exactly where one expects them, as in a search for a famous quote or a plagiarized phrase, or find new meanings in diverse and surprising jargons.

The Internet is a way of exploring the branching and distracting search in codex form. The poem is driven by lines found within earlier sections of the poem, each time recontextualized. The lines that repeat and create the little itch around which its shoot poem forms were chosen by whim and exacto knive. The titles of each section come from the actual search engine yields of the connector lines. Both Internets are poems of reading, viewing, recording, hoarding, saving, overwhelming and possibly saying too much.


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